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VIDYPROS is the easiest way to get a job done. Forget the old way of doing things, find the right contractor through our app, before they come to your house. 

VidyPros is the easiest tool for contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and other service providers, helping them easily bid and manage new projects.

Why use VidyPros?

It’s free
Quick and easy registration
You set your price
Location based job search
Full visibility on projects beforehand

How does it work?

Browse through a list of local videos, showing what the customer is looking to get done. If you can do the job, respond back with a text, video or a bid. Once accepted by the client, we will create a Statement of Work for you, to make it official, and you can complete the job. Easily manage your current and past jobs all in once place. VidyPros will be your greatest sales and client management tool. 

VidyPros keeps you notified whenever a job pops up close to you.

VidyPros records all communication, estimates, statements of work, invoices, scheduling and financial transactions.

Improve your reputation locally by taking on different jobs in your area. 

Save on marketing costs by keeping your profile on VidyPros active and up to date. Message old clients to find more work, after you have proven you can get their jobs done. 

VidyPros is made for mobile and available on the App Store and on Google Play. (Download the app to get started today).

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