Do you want to make your life easier when faced with a problem at home you can't fix yourself?

Vidy Pros will change the way you interact with local service providers to get you the best bid, without conceding your security, wealth, or comfortability.

Changing the way people connect to local service providers

It's safe to say, almost all people in the US own smartphones. Videos are being taken and watched on smartphones by people of all ages, even our grandparents. Vidy Pros is taking the entertaining side of videos and bringing it to services. Videos can be taken to explain problems that need to be fixed around the house, which doesn't require local service providers coming on site to diagnose, therefore enabling off-site bids.

Easy to find help from local pros

All you need to do is upload a video of the job (project) you need and Vidy Pros will send your video to all the local pros to view and reply back to you with a bid or more questions.

Organize all your projects and conversations

Each project you submit on Vidy Pros is managed in a mobile dashboardm that includes private conversations with local pros. Users can manage converations and select the right pro to work with on their project.

We are currently building Version One

Vidy Pros is coming to the market soon. If you are interested in testing our V1, contact us to get an invite to our TestFlight.

We are seeking funding

If you believe in our product and would like to invest, submit your info below and we can send you our investment deck.

Thanks for contacting us

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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